General conditions
WHL - Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
» Reservations
  •  All reservations must be processed directly by the user, through the online reservations system. All reservations will be confirmed directly through the online system and/or via email.
» Accommodations
  •  The minimum age for check-in at any hotel is 21 years.
  •  The company will not be responsible for any withhold of funds for incidental charges requested by the hotel at check in time. The hotel might require a credit card at time of check in or in some instances might request a cash deposit, as a hold of funds for incidental charges.
  •  The company is not responsible for any type of surcharges, such as resort fees, parking fees, or breakfast fees, unless they are specified in the voucher or our website. Also, the company is not responsible for hotels changes on the rates of extra services without prior notice.
  •  Rates are per room per night, taxes included.
  •  The company reserves the right to utilize alternative accommodations should booking problems occur. Substitutes will be of equal or better in quality.
  •  Most hotels have either 2 double beds or 1 king bed, which can't be confirmed until check in. Rollaway beds are usually available for an additional fee and should be paid by the passenger directly to the hotel.
  •  Check in and check out schedules are from 11.00 am and 4.00 pm respectively, otherwise it will be specified.
  •  The company is not responsible if the hotel decides not to offer complimentary transfers and breakfasts previously unannounced.
  •  Types of beds can be requested, but the hotels do not guarantee 100% connected rooms; neither the options for triple and quadruple rooms can't be guaranteed.
  •  Some hotels might charge a resort fee directly to passengers at destination. The company is not responsible for those charges/fees.
» Cars
  •  At pick-up time, the main driver must have: a valid driver's license from his country of residence, Valid ID and credit card. Sometimes cash deposit is accepted, but this option is not always available.
  • Late drop off in offices outside the main airports may incur into extra charges.
  •  Hertz/ Dollar do not extend reservations under any circumstance, reservations are automatically cancelled after midnight of the pick up day. If changes are necessary, then a new reservation must be processed. Price and availability are subject to change.
» Cancellation Policy - Alamo Rent a Car
Penalties: Cancellation of car reservation within the 72 hours from pick up will have a mandatory fee of $89.00. If reservation is cancel in the day of pick up, the cancellation will suffer full rental penalty charge. Every reservation not cancelled after pick up time will suffer full rental charge.
» Transfers In / Out
  •  In the case the passenger is a no-show at their pickup point (Airport or Hotel), the service will be considered as given, and no refund will be awarded. The same policy applies for all transfers or excursions. Cancellations are accepted up to 48 hours prior to the service arranged time.
  •  Transfer services will be provided by Car-Suv / Minivan / Maxivan depending on the contracted service.
» Vouchers & itineraries
  •  Vouchers will be sent as soon as reservation has been completely paid. Passengers must call our company immediately if flight connections are lost, or if flights are cancelled or modified.
  •  In the event that any discrepancies between the services contracted and the issued voucher arise, clarification from the user/agent must be requested via e-mail directly to our company. If we do not receive a timely response from the user/agent, then we reserve the right to interpret said invoice and order to be correct.
» Changes & Cancellations
  •  It is common policy that all cancellations must be processed directly by the user / agent on our online booking system. If modification of any service is required, the user/agent must contact our company directly. Any charge / penalty from hotels or service providers as a result of modification and / or cancellation request, as stipulated in the contract that our company has for such services, will be complete responsibility of the agent / user / tourism company that requested the modification or cancellation.
  •  All reservations are considered active unless a cancellation file number is issued by the company, after a written cancellation request is received from the user/agent that originates the booking.
  •  For cancellation deadlines, please refer to the information disclosed for each hotel in its Internet site.
  •  Should a passenger decide not to use a specific service while traveling, by no means this service will be refunded.
  •  Should a passenger decide to early departure from a hotel, the passenger/guest may be penalized with a fee by the hotel.
  • Cancelation or modification of a reservation on the day of arrival is equal to a NO SHOW; hence, a NO SHOW penalty applies. And if a NO SHOW corresponds to 100% of expenses; then early departure will be also considered the same even if it is not clearly written on the voucher.
» Responsabilities
  •  Our company and their agents declare that all tickets, as well as vouchers and coupons issued, and that all arrangements for transport and accommodations can be processed directly by them, upon the express condition that they shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity, which may occur either by reason or defect in any vehicle or through the act of default of any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger or carrying out the arrangements of the tour, or otherwise in connection therewith, or of any hotel proprietor or employee. The company and / or their agents will not accept any responsibility for losses or accidental expenses due to delays, or changes in schedules, defaults, or overbooking by hotels, sickness, strikes, war, quarantine, weather related conditions or other causes. All such losses or expenses will be a direct liability to the passenger.
  • Baggage and small articles are the owners'responsibility. Due to space limitations, we can only transport two bags per passenger. Passengers will be responsible for their flight's confirmation.